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A Call For Action!

​As the unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19 is spreading around the world, CECCO calls on all Eritrean-Canadians to work together in a spirit of solidarity, altruism and courage. CECCO calls on its members to fully abide and implement all guidelines of the Public Health Agency of Canada, provincial and federal authorities. CECCO praises all the front-liners in the fight of COVID-19 and calls upon its members to promote a spirit of optimism and encouragement to all those working in the frontline. Most importantly, stay safe, wash your hands and stay home!


COVID-19 was first detected in Eritrea on arrival of one passenger on a Fly Dubai flight at Asmara International Airport on March 21st, 2020. Since then, more than 22 individuals have tested positive for COVID-19 who arrived on subsequent flights to Asmara or who have interacted with those who arrived from outside Eritrea. All have been quarantined. As a precautionary measure, the Eritrean government has halted all further commercial passenger flights to Asmara, closed institutions of learning and put a stop to city and inner city buses and taxis. The World Health Organization (WHO) is predicting Sub-Saharan Africa to be the next epicentre of COVID-19 where the pandemic could have a devastating impact given the regions challenges in resources to fight the pandemic and developing healthcare institutions. Cognizant of the challenges that might face the region and the potential impact to Eritrea, CECCO endorses the appeal of the Ministry of Health in Eritrea. All funds raised will be used to support the Eritrean Ministry of Health’s response to COVID-19. This will include the purchase of supplies such as: personal protective equipment, testing equipment and materials, and treatments as they become available. The Ministry of Health is responsible for the treatment of infected patients in Eritrea. Substantial portions of the expenses for treatment are paid through user fees, however the scale of the COVID-19 infection will overcome the capacity of the users and Ministry of Health. Please use one of the following donation options to make your contribution today. 

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